EditNC by NFR Partners Inc

EditNC by NFR Partners Inc

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EditNC - Industry’s Most Competent CNC Editor

Some of the context-based highlighting is shown here, highlighting various address words, commands, and comments. Use of highlighting does not affect performance. There is no need to spend hours configuring this editor, although you may want to set your own preferences regarding colors, character fonts and sizes, tool bar locations and so on.
Edit Various File Types

This shows EditNC with several open files of various formats. You can set colors, fonts, and many other values based on the file extension. Here we show Fanuc programs, a Heidenhain program, a CL file, and a postprocessor listing.
Sequence Numbering

The resequencing dialog. This will add, remove, or change sequence numbers - and update commands such as GOTO when necessary.
Backplotting - I

The backplotter. Here the user has requested information about a move and the editor jumps ot the selected move. You can also set breakpoints in the editor to stop at, or highlight, specific blocks.
Backplotting - II

Here’s a 2 axis lathe program showing roughing via a G71 command, followed by a G72 countour.
Backplotting - III

You can single step (ahead or back) through a backplot. This image shows a tool table in use that describes basic tool geometry.
Program Comparisons

Compare can ignore formatting differences, comments, and sequence numbers, and allows editing. The graphical compare highlights differences in individual moves.
File Search

Search for Files lets you search disk folders to find files based on their names, extensions, contents, and ages. You can view a thumbnail image of files containing CNC programs, and open files in the editor by double-clicking on their names.
Program Conversions

Convert helps you convert between CNC program formats and controllers. The image shows a Fanuc program conversion from R-word arcs to I and J center definitions. This function also converts between file types - Fanuc, CL, and Heidenhain.
Macro Explorer

Macros and Variables shows Fanuc variable contents as you step through the program. You can also set breakpoints to stop at specific blocks. Errors are listed on this page, as shown here where an M98 commands calls a non-existent subprogram.
Program Split and Extract

The Extract Programs function lists all programs, subprograms, and macros that are contained within the current program and helps you split them into multiple files. This is useful when the contents of a Fanuc control are uploaded into the editor as a single file.
Program Formatting

This dialog combines several functions affecting CNC program format and appearance. Translations, reformatting, rotations, and other capibilities are provided in other functions.
Search / Replace

Search lets you save search criteria so that searches can be quickly repeated in the future. In this example, we've used it to find items of interest in a postprocessor listing. This also shows the ability to list all hits in a separate window.
Find Related Files

The user opened file "A427" and then opened its related listings and source information with one click of the "Related Files" menu item.
Send via DNC

Sending a file to a CNC control via a serial transfer. The message indicates that editNC is waiting for the controller to signal that it is ready to receive.
DNC Configuration

One of the DNC configuration tabs used to describe the characteristics of the CNC control.

Analysis shows time estimates, a tool list, high & low coordinates, G and M codes used, etc.
GMacro for Repetitive Programming

GMacro uses a Fanuc-like macro language to create CNC output using values entered by the user. This shows one of the samples shipped with editNC. A bitmap image can be displayed as shown here to aid users.
Language Support

Various languages are accommodated using an external file containing all editNC text. This image shows the editor in Czech.

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EditNC by NFR Partners Inc