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EditNC - Edits G-Code, Heidenhain®, APT CL

A competent, proven CNC Editor!

NFR Partners released the first Windows version of editNC in 1993. Since then, seven major revisions, several OEM versions, and dozens of minor revisions have been produced. EditNC, a CNC program editor designed to compliment CAD/CAM systems, also provides powerful capabilities for manual G-code programming.

Features - Function

Features - Ease of installation, maintenance, and use

3 January 2017 - Release 11.0 is being tested and will be soon be available. Along with many other changes, the compare function has been completely revamped and the backplotter improved. Release 11 will require Windows Vista or later to run. Windows XP is no longer supported.

27 May 2016 - bairTEK llc has announced a new product that enhances editNC’s backplotting capabilities. The new bairTEK  product, called BackPlotX, gives our editor the ability to backplot CNC programs from control manufacturers that have extended or modified the “normal” Fanuc syntax. BackPlotX is fully integrated into editNC and is accessed via the editor’s usual backplot menu. Both editNC and BackPlotX are available from bairTEK . For more information see www.bairtek.com .

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