EditNC - Industry’s Most Competent CNC Editor 

Some context-based highlighting is shown here. Several pre-set color schemes are available, or you can set your own preferences. The formats of the various windows shown here are determined by the file extension- G-Code, Heidenhain conversational, postprocessor listing, or APT CL format.

Program Conversions

EditNC helps you convert between CNC program formats and controllers. The image shows a Fanuc program conversion from R-word arcs to I and J center definitions. The conversion function also converts between file types - Fanuc, CL, and Heidenhain

Program Comparisons

Compare can ignore formatting differences, comments, and sequence numbers, and allows editing. The graphical compare highlights differences in individual moves.  

Backplotter I

You can single step (ahead or back) through a backplot. A tool table can describe basic tool geometry for visualization purposes.

Backplotter II

A 2 axis lathe program showing roughing via a G71 command, followed by a G70 contour cycle.

Backplotter III

The user has requested information about a linear, incremental move and the editor jumps to the selected block.  You can also set breakpoints in the editor to stop at, or highlight, specific block

Macro Explorer

The macro explorer lets you step through a program and examine program flow and variable contents. In this case there appears to be a call to a missing subroutine.

You can also set breakpoints to scan quickly to a specific block and then single-step from there.

Analysis and Calculators

General Analysis and one tab of the Programming Calculator. This also shows a dark style called "Slate".

Multi-Path Controls

EditNC provides editing and printing support for Swiss style multi-path controls. The narrow column at the right lists the various wait (sync) commands - click on one to jump to it.

DNC Send

Sending a file to a CNC control via a serial transfer. The message indicates that editNC is waiting for the controller to signal that it is ready to receive

DNC Configuration

One of the DNC configuration tabs used to describe the characteristics of the CNC control. 

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