November 2022 - Price Increase on January 1, 2023

In our first increase in twelve years the price for a single license will change from US$250 to $300 as of 1 January 2023. Prices for multiple and networked licenses aren't yet determined - we'll add to the FAQ on this site when able. 

November 2022 - Release 12.2

This update contains new function that should interest many users

•Backplotter - support for several Haas-specific cycles (G12-13, G70-G72, and G150)
•Backplotter - User specified line widths (Easier to discern colors)
•Improved multi-channel capabilities
•FTP support for file transfers
•Bug fixes

May 2022- New Video

•Added a video covering editor and floating license server installation

April 2022 - Release 12.1

•Added editor and printing support for multi-channel (“Swiss”) controls
•Backplotter - Toolbar revised yet again
•Changes to network license methods
-Multiple editors on 1 machine only use 1 license
-Automatic reconnect after a server restart
-New program to monitor license activity
•About 30 fixes and minor enhancements.

August 2021 - Dealer Video

• Excellent new video was created by t-support in the Czech Republic that shows what can be done with editNC’s GMacro feature. See the video page .

March 2021 - Release 12.0

• 64 bit native program
• New color “styles” simplify tailoring to user taste
• Backplotter improvements
• Arrow keys can now be used for panning
- CL file tool axis can be hidden
- New print options (Create bitmap, copy to clipboard)
- Improved interface showing more information
- Better replay slow speed control
- More warnings on questionable program blocks
- Better STL overlay sectioning for lathe programs
• New auxiliary toolbar buttons
• Improved Fanuc macro support
• General Analysis
- Many Okuma lathe cycles added
- More warnings on questionable program blocks
• Open, Save, SaveAs, Insert, and DNC operations can be logged to a central file
• DNC provides options for networked controls
• DNC Configuration dialog improved and simplified
• Heidenhain→Fanuc conversion retains comments
• User interface improvements and changes
• Bug fixes

A Word About (Computer) Viruses

We occasionally receive reports of warnings created by malware checkers. We test our code against several checkers but can’t test them all. Our release 12.0 setup file recently showed zero hits from 68 checkers and the 12.0 editor exe file showed 4 hits out of 68. We have reported these as false positives to several vendors and without exception have received responses stating that the files were indeed clean. Note that the editor is signed using both SHA-1 and SHA256 certificates. If your malware detector reports any of our software as infected, please have the vendor analyze the file (most provide easy-to-use procedures for doing this) and let us know also as we can follow up. Thank you.

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