Installing and Using Floating Licenses  (12 minutes)

•Install editNC
•Install and configure the license server
•Use editNC in a floating license environment

Release 12 and 12.1 Updates  (12 Minutes)

•Internal changes (64 bit program etc.)
•Multi-Path support
•Backplotter changes
•Appearance color styles
•Additional Okuma support
•Improved Fanuc expression handling

EditNC Overview - I  (17 minutes)

•Selecting blocks by tool
•Sequence Numbering (and risks thereof)
•Program Cosmetics
•Search Within a Program
•Searching For a File

EditNC Overview - II (9 minutes)

•Changing word formats (e.g. X05.0 to X5.0000)
     - Transform (Move)
     - Rotate
     - Speeds and feeds
     - G2/G3 arc formats
     - CL file to / from G-Code
     - G-Code to / from Heidenhain

EditNC Overview III (12 minutes)

•Comparing CNC Programs
•General Analysis
     - File information
     - Min/max values
     - Tool list
     - Cycle time estimate
     - Variable cross reference

     - Geometry
     - Programming

G-Macro (8 minutes) - (Czech)

An excellent video about editNC’s G-Macro feature created by t-support, our dealer in the Czech Republic. You won’t understand the captions unless you read the Czech language but it isn’t too hard to understand what’s happening

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